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Online Gamma Training

Daily Gamma Project:description: daily monitoring of biological variables toward optimal exercise and nutritional programming. This is the holy grail of individualised protocol toward maximal results. *starting from £100

1 Month Gamma Project Subscription


3 Month Gamma Project Subscription


6 Month Gamma Project Subscription


9 Month Gamma Project Subscription


12 Month Gamma Project Subscription


Personal Training

21 Day Muscle

Its take a great deal of effort to grow muscle and as such so too should your plan and strategy be full proof. Training with intention is key toward achieving optimal success, thus programming of intense bouts of weight lifting prove to be most beneficial toward optimal muscle growth. The 21 day muscle plan is a strategic weight training programme designed to break plateaus and create real muscle mass in a short space of time.

6 Week Shred

From the keg to the six pack losing fat can be intense. 6 week Shred is a high intensity, high volume training plan designed for those whom are just tired of the extra kilos and want to fit into a lower dress or trouser size. For a flatter stomach and healthier body composition sign up to the 6 week shred.


9 Week Banner Body

From the lab to the gym focus and drive need to be unquestionable toward accomplishment of true results. Just like a science project your 9 week Banner Body will prove to be an experiment with great success to a hypothesis of complete health. Sign up today on the Banner Body to achieve greater understanding of your health and performance.


12 Week Gamma Project

No questions unanswered and no goals unaccomplished. The Gamma Project is the outcome of 10 years of research and application of biochemistry and kinesiology to which only a complete and optimal plan has been developed. This plan is intended for those whom are serious about their results and want to commit a short space of their lives toward complete body and life transformation. The Gamma Project: Your Biology Matters


Group Training

Twice per week Hulk Enterprises hosts classes for both those looking to burn fat fast and build muscle quickly. For those whom are on a tight budget but still need that extra push in the gym then The Gamma Group Project is for you.

Monthly Fat loss group membership: A serious sweat delivers serious results! Fat loss classes combine a serious of both functional and conventional movements that breaks the mould for anyone trying to lose the unwanted kilos.

Monthly Muscle Build Group membership: Flex your way toward greater gains. Time of execution of any exercise will create a specific desired effect. Each week The Gamma Project hosts one upper and one lower body hypertrophy (muscle building class) in which a maximum of four clients heave some serious iron toward greater bicep peaks and tricep bellies.